Reflection 8


Then i continued to do a poster about what my video is based on . it took quit a long time as i have a lot of things to be done . but with all the effort i successfully finished the poster . i use photoshop in making my poster .


Reflection 7


All the scene had done shoot . so i need alot of time to edit it before it can be officially produce. i use movie maker in editing . unfortunately my laptop is not in good conditions . sometimes it cannot be opened and it gives a lot of trouble for me as i need to finish the editing as fast as i can before i proceed to the next task . it takes almost a week to finish the editing and finally the video is completely complete .

Reflection 6

Salam ..

Then we continued our shooting for the next scene . we have to finish the shooting as soon as possible as we need to edit it back . the next day of shooting , the things become more easy .Alhamdulillah we finished the shooting as planned and i treat them to show some of respect and thank you for willingly to help me in produce this video .

Reflection 5

Salam 🙂

My title of the video is Unity . So there’s a chinese student working along with my other crew . She is easy going person and it does not really bother me in cooperate with her . The first scene is quit bit tough for me as i have to ask permission from the stall that selling ABC to use their tools in our video . We ask nicely and alhamdulillah she agreed even at first she were refused to help us . the first scene is going smooth and yes there is a part that we have to do it in many times because it involved with public .

Reflection 4

We meet at cafe in UKM and discuss the flow of the video .I guess i am much lucky person as one of my actor have dslr camera so that i do not have to trouble myself to find someone else to borrow it . The discussion went smooth and they seems like understand what i am going to do in the video . Roughly, i briefly them about the flow in the video so that they will be expose earlier on what we are going to shoot . The discussion ended and i ask them to practise by themselves as i am going to start the shooting soon . 

Reflection 3

Salam and hye .

As a director for this project , i have to make a simple draft in way to give them to show some flow the beginning in producing the video . I also have to prepare the scripts to give to them to read and memorise also . it takes a few days to finish all these as i have to finish it by myself . In order way means that i have to be well prepared to them . 

Reflection 2

Salam guys .

Thinking on how to produce a video because i am in catogarised as handicapped person which is means i am working alone in producing the video , so i asked some help from my friends from other faculty . They were so kind to lend me some help . I pointed them to be as my actor and actres in my video . Thank god because they were willing to spend some time to help me . Then we make online discussion on how to produce the video because our class schedule is not same as we are come from different course .  At first the things going smooth as planned and we agreed to find some time to shoot the video . 

Reflection 1

Salam and hye peeps . 

The lecturer asked me to think one of any idea in making one video which is it has to be related with moral value . it depends on us to do what kind of video but make sure the message that we want say through the video is delivered . well since i do not have members in my group , working alone , i was thinking on produce a simple video but gives alot of impact to us . the tittle of the video is “UNITY”


Salam and hye to all . first of all , i would like to ask apologized because i am bit left behind in making this blog . This is because i am handicapped ( alone ) . i have to do all the tasks alone and it gives alot of problem to me as well . i need a lot of time and unfortunately i had a problem with my laptop before so i was bit left behind to update my blog , but in way to make it in safe conditions i write it down on note about my reflections so that i would not forget any single things that i have done before . last but not least , let me introduce myself first . My name is Nur Ain Baharuddin .My matric number is A142590 and im staying at Kolej Burhanuddin Helmi . I come from Kelantan . I come from Matriculation Kuala Nerang Kedah . My expectation for this course is to help me in enhance my knowledge in Information Communication Technology . I name this project is Layar Production1472824_718470398164915_1569555957_n